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Interchange Optimization

Most merchants we talk to are unaware of what Interchange Optimization means and the beneficial financial impact it has on a company’s bottom line.


The direct answer is that Interchange Optimization is based on industry-specific program requirements created by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) that allow for a reduction in qualifying interchange rates.

Each card brand sets minimum requirements for additional information, besides the standard info such as the customer’s name, credit card number, and CVV number. The card brands agree to offer a percentage discount off of their qualifying interchange rates, but in return, they want particular additional information entered into each credit card sale to accommodate their specific cardholders.


The cardholders each card brand (e.g., Visa and MasterCard) caters to in allowing for Interchange Optimization are those that use Business-to-Business credit cards, Corporate credit cards, Commercial Purchase credit cards, and Government credit cards.

For many merchants, the most popular and frequently used card type customers use to pay with is Business-to- Business credit cards. Surprisingly when we review a merchant  statement for Interchange
Optimization, we find a diverse mix of businesses can benefit from Interchange Optimization such as retail merchants, merchants that offer professional services or products to consumers, business-to- business merchants, and eCommerce merchants.

Please note that when we analyze a merchant’s credit card statement many times, we surprise a merchant by the number of business cards, corporate cards, and  commercial purchase cards that they are taking.

Those business cards,  corporate cards, and commercial purchase cards
can all qualify for Interchange Optimization Savings.


As mentioned above to qualify for savings from the card brands and receive lower interchange rates on qualifying credit cards the card brands require every merchant to submit additional information with each transaction, and in return, each merchant can realize anywhere from .05% to 1.10% savings on each qualifying credit card payment transaction.

For all sorts of businesses, such as retail and card-not- present and eCommerce, we provide and offer the technology and payment systems required for merchant’s to provide the required additional data needed in order to optimize their interchange rates, lower their interchange fees, and maximize their savings.
Our payments systems can automate the entire Interchange Optimization process behind the scenes so that a merchant never misses out on getting the lowest interchange rate possible.

Our Interchange Optimization payment systems are easy to use for retail, keyed in, and eCommerce merchants hence requiring no additional steps by them to process payments. A number of our payment systems are automated to do all the administrative tasks behind the scenes to comply with the card brands additional data requirements thus optimizing each merchant’s Interchange rates on every eligible credit card type.

If you are curious to learn more about Interchange Optimization and how you can experience deeper savings for your business, please contact us at Moneck Payment Solutions 1-888-405-3093.

* Restrictions apply. Merchant account availability, terms, pricing, & approval qualifications can change at any time. All files are subject to final approval and underwrite. Pricing/price guarantee does not apply to high-risk merchants.