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Chargeback Prevention And Dispute Re-Presentment Services

ChargeBacks Prevention
Prevent your merchant account from being closed and terminated. Chargebacks will also damage your business credit and reputation.

Do Not Ignore. Start Protecting Your Merchant Account Proactively with Chargebacks prevention and monitoring services!

This service will monitor all of your merchant accounts setup through  The service is geared at preventing, reducing, and eliminating chargebacks by addressing a customer dispute as soon as it is filed with their issuing bank.  For high risk merchant, chargebacks prevention is the first line of defense to keep a merchant from being placed as an outstanding status.  Any unresolved disputes that become a chargeback(s) will be processed and managed by this service on behalf of you - the merchant.

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Our focus at is to help keep your merchant account(s) open for the long haul and help you make more money and grow your business and profits by helping you reduce and eliminate your chargebacks and handle resolving any chargeback disputes that occur.

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Here are few frequent asked questions about Chargeback Prevention And Dispute Re-Presentment Services:

What are Chargebacks?
A chargeback or a reversal is a form of credit card protection for the customer provided by their issuing banks, which allows the customer to file a complaint regarding fraudulent transactions on their statement.  Chargebacks occur mostly for high risk merchant account, when the cardholder files a dispute, the issuing bank makes an investigation into the complaint.  Once the issuer bank proves the transaction is indeed fraudulent, the issuer bank will refund the original value to the cardholder.  If the merchant does not prove the transaction to be legitimately authorized by the cardholder, the credit card issuer bank will take back the entire value of the transaction from your merchant account, along with an additional fee.  It is best to hire a professional chargeback monitoring service to take care of this tedious process. Regardless of whether you win a Chargeback dispute the actual Chargeback will still count against your permanent processing record, which is why it is best to use our services to prevent them from ever occurring in the first place.

Why Chargebacks happen?
There are many reasons why a cardholder may dispute the transaction and cause a chargeback to your merchant account.

  • Fraudulent transactions - Cardholder did not initiate the transaction or did not authorize to put charges on their credit card.  In cases like these, the merchant is held solely responsible.
  • Credit Not Processed - The cardholder/customer have returned the merchandise to the merchant, requested to get their money back but the credit was never posted to their account.  In these situations, merchants are also held liable for the charges.
  • Item Not Received - The most commons reason for chargebacks in today's e-commerce era. When the customer did not receive the item which they paid for by credit card, they will initiate the dispute process. And the merchant is charged accordingly.
  • Technical Problems - Technical problem between the merchant (POS, Credit Card Machine, Online Shopping card) and issuing bank may lead to cardholders being charged twice for the same transaction (commonly called duplicate processing).   Technical problem may also often cause the transaction process to authorize the payment, and show decline to the customer

Custom disputes and technical problems do happen from time to time, but proactively taking action to prevent chargebacks will ensure the customer is taken care of and will protect the merchant from being closed or terminated.

Chargeback Prevention & Representment Processes: 

  1. Chargeback Alerts - For those merchants out there that are worried about keeping their chargeback ratio below 1%, Ethoca Alerts and CDRN alerts are what you need.  We will manage & respond to your alerts using the exact business rules that you provide. Freeing up a ton of your time and allowing you to do what you do best… your actual job!
  2. Chargeback Audit - We have the best chargeback analysts around! These people dig deep! Think of them as your own employees, but the best part is they’re not! We do the coaching, training, and developing to make sure that they get the job done right. We also offer chargeback audits. This processes reveals issues that may run deeper than not collecting AVS or CVV. We review your business practices and provide valuable insight on tactics that will reduce your chargebacks.
  3. Tailored Responses & QA - We get to know you! We know your products and we know the deals you are offering. We take screenshots, log in to your CRM, and gateway to gather all pertinent information that will help you win! We don’t use the same template for all of our customers. Each and every response is tailored to your specific products. Once the documents are complete they are checked by quality analysts!
  4. Assess your Win/Loss - This is what it all comes down to, right? How much of your money are you getting back? Are you seeing a positive return on investment? Winning is important to us. It is why we are in business. By providing us with your merchant statements we are able to provide reporting that shows you your win rate because let’s be honest, we all know what assuming does.
* Restrictions apply. Merchant account availability, terms, pricing, & approval qualifications can change at any time. All files are subject to final approval and underwrite. Pricing/price guarantee does not apply to high-risk merchants.