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Recurring Billing For Medical Office

Are you a medical office that would like to be able to store patient credit cards and set up recurring payments?

Being able to set up payment plans or recurring payments for medical services is a big benefit. Recurring billing saves medical offices time, money, and lowers the percentage of accounts receivable.

It's important to find a solution that is PCI Compliant, safe, trusted, and HIPPA compliant.

The Top 2 Questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. What is the pain points my medical office is currently experiencing?
  2. What functionality would my medical office like to see and use?

The answers you provide can help us properly advise and assist you with in providing a payment solution.

To store credit cards in a PCI compliant manner and/or to process a payment using Recur billing two things are needed:

  1. A payment gateway
  2. A payment processor

We offer the most trusted, safest, and PCI compliant payment gateway solutions available on the market for recur payments and storing credit cards.

While other gateways pose as medical specific, in actuality, they are just rebranded with fancy names to make people think they are unique when in fact they perform the same functions and take advantage by charging a premium for their marketing brand. is the most popular gateway on the market, and we offer this payment gateway at a discount. We can help your office determine whether to choose between the gateway or another other trusted gateway.

There can be some differences amongst gateways but most work about the same that's why it's important to understand your responses to the top 2 questions listed above.

We also offer the payment processing that integrates into the payment gateway you decide to go with.

Medical software companies charge a premium to use their software. Interestingly enough in order to process payments, store credit cards, utilize the recur function they still need to connect to a separate payment gateway and payment processor.

The payment gateway that medical software companies most use to integrate into their software is, which we offer at a discount.

As a medical office, you will save money by solely using any one of our gateways to process payments, store credit cards, and utilize recur billing. Unless you need any other added functionality offered through a medical software provider you will save money by going directly through us at Moneck Payment Solutions for medical office payment gateway functionality and payment processing.

Have a question? Simply give us a call @ (888) 405-3093

However, when selecting a medical software provider you want to make sure you are not required to use their specific payment processor. You want to have the freedom to use the payment processor of your choice. Freedom of choice for payment processing will provide you with the best rates and terms.

If you would like to explore medical software contact our office to discuss further as we can refer you to ones that actually work and that we integrate into. We can also provide a medical software comparison between any you are considering.

Our knowledge and advice on will end up saving your medical office a lot of time, money, and headaches.

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