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Peptide Merchant Account

Merchant Accounts for Peptides

How to run a profitable Peptide business?

Peptide supplements, and bodybuilding enhancements are becoming more and more popular in the health and fitness world in the USA. As a result of the popularity around so many different types of peptide products, the demand by consumers continue to grow within the USA and globally.

To meet the growing demand and popularity for the many different types of Peptides both manufacturers and online merchants have entered the market space.

Options to take credit card payments online for Merchants that sell peptides are extremely limited. Although sales for online peptide merchants incur an extremely low chargeback ratio, domestic credit card payment processing solutions are extremely rare. The sale of peptides online through the use of credit card payments is deemed high risk by many banks in the US. As a result, many merchants turn to offshore non-US processing solutions in order to remain in business.

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Moneck Payment Solutions Understand Peptide Industry!

At Moneck Payment Solutions, we currently offer high-risk payment processing solutions that cater to merchants that sell Peptides online, over the phone, and in person. We understand this specific industry and can quickly alleviate the most common obstacles and pain points.

At Moneck Payment Solutions, we understand the need for reliable, dependable, and cost-effective payment solutions for merchants that are deemed high-risk.

We know time is of the essence in getting approved for a merchant account, therefore, we provide an upfront list of all the paperwork items required, an overview of the terms, and a pdf fillable application. We provide real-time email updates on the underwriting status and of any paperwork items needed.

A Customized Merchant Account That Increases Profits for Supplements & Peptide Businesses!

Below is a list of high-risk Peptide merchant account terms discussed upfront with each merchant.

  • Rate
  • Reserve
  • Payout Cycle
  • Payout Minimum
  • Volume Limits
  • EU Registration
  • Chargeback Limits
  • Set Up Fee
  • Banking Requirements
  • Accepted Currency
  • Virtual Terminal Access
  • Payment Gateway API
  • Hardware/Equipment
  • Settlement Currency
  • Descriptor
  • Forex Fee's
  • Cross Border Fee's
  • Card Types Accepted

How to improve Peptide merchant account approval rate?

To increase the approval rate for your Peptide supplement or bodybuilding related merchant account, make sure you have collected all required documents list above. It's also important to have the followings:

  • A completed website with business info, list of Peptide products and service your business offer
  • A shopping cart software that is industry approved for security and functionality
  • The website must be protected with SSL certificate to ensure the all transaction data is transmitted securely.
  • Visible and matching business contact info, address, phone and email address on the website.

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Why Choose Moneck's high-risk merchant account for your peptide supplement business?

  • Top high-risk merchant service provider in North America
  • A reputable payment solution company based in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Variety merchant accounts and credit card processing program customized specifically for individual industries
  • Fast approval and secured processing
  • Fast funding and lower reserve specialized for a Peptide merchant
  • Outstanding customer services

When you contact our office and apply for a merchant we make sure your questions are answered and move quickly and diligently to get an underwriting decision in your favor.

Merchant Account For Peptides

* Restrictions apply. Merchant account availability, terms, pricing, & approval qualifications can change at any time. All files are subject to final approval and underwrite. Pricing/price guarantee does not apply to high-risk merchants.